Southern conquest | EP 2 – Hyderabad To Chennai

today we are going to focus on the three route options we had at hand Option 1 : Hyderabad to Chennai via Kurnool, Kadappa & Tirupati in that order

Today we are going to focus on the three route options we had at hand Option 1 : Hyderabad to Chennai via Kurnool, Kadappa & Tirupati in that order – 12 hours and 49 Minutes Option 2 : To Chennai Via – Peddavoora, Ongole & Nellore – 13 Hours Option 3: The easternmost route also via Ongole & Nellore – 12 Hours 22 Minutes. We decided to go with the third option The sun had set by now and it just about started to get dark, we did pass a few towns and villages on the way, but the condition of the road was generally good, driving through the evening was effortless. By around 9 in the night we had covered 300 kilometers, which is a little under half the total distance from our hotel in hyderabad to our destination in chennai. important to remember for those of you driving through the night, Dinner is almost always never a good idea, if you are the only one driving, it doesn’t exactly help especially when you need to stay focused and awake through the drive. After having crossed some more toll booths, the road was just getting better and better, for someone who talks so highly about karnataka roads, Andhrapradesh was putting up a tough fight, these are the type of highways that make driving with our country an absolute pleasure. Now if you are a regular as far as Highway Driving Goes, you will know better than to expect well lit roads through most of your drive through the night. but one thing thats commendable about the drive from hyderabad to chennai and particularly the route we are on is the way that the highway is lit up, the roads look like they really want to be driven on. Now obviously we are still very much in India, and the one thing that you cannot do any thing about no matter how good the roads are is the traffic situation. it was around 11:20​ in the night and we had to cover a little under 260 kilometers still, to get to chennai. this is when we ran into, almost an hour long traffic jam. after all that fantastic driving, we came to a complete stand still for a while. Thankfully for us the ordeal was short lived, at least as compared with prior experiences. we were on the highway once again and were greeted by what appeared to be the last toll booth before entering tamilnadu It was past 1 Am now and we were back on excellent roads once again, this was the last leg of our journey, albeit a little delayed due to the traffic jam, we had no problems what so ever when it came to making it up, my leg was on the accelerator pedal and very much in the direction that we were headed to. We are genuinely thankful to CCD for being there when we need them the most. we stopped off for a quick cup of Coffee , and our last pitstop before getting to our destination. like I’d said earlier we had done 550 kms by now and spent 12 hours on the road .. 150 km is not exactly a big distance but after 500 plus kms behind the wheel it can start to get to you.. I wasn’t exactly sleepy but was most definitely a bit on the tired side …. any way I’m glad I did not part take in dinner .. because if I had eaten … we wouldn’t have been able to make it that night. the last 100 or so kilometers on any drive aren’t really the best by any stretch of imagination If there is anything other than the will to drive, only the nostalgia of coming back to a city you know will keep you going at most times.

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Ultimate RoadTrips

Ultimate RoadTrips

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