Southern conquest | EP 1 – Mumbai to Hyderabad

To tell you the truth i do not quite remember this trip as vividly as one should 26th march 2019 we set off on an adventure , one that would eventually take us to places we've never been. the initial plan was to go from mumbai to hyderabad

To tell you the truth i do not quite remember this trip as vividly as one should 26th march 2019 we set off on an adventure , one that would eventually take us to places we’ve never been. the initial plan was to go from mumbai to hyderabad and then to chennai on account of work, normal people would have chosen to book tickets and get on a flight, but we .. we aren’t normal so we decided to pack our bags and dump them in my s-cross, the rest is as they say “history”

26th march 2019 : 7:30pm (goregaon mumbai) packed up and began dumping stuff into our dickie 26th march 2019 : 9:30pm (turbhe mumbai) our first halt for dinner at navi mumbai before exiting to the pune mumbai expressway a by chance encounter with coolberg non alcoholic beer .. a potential client for us at that time alongside starters and much needed nutrition. 26th march 2019 : 11:30pm (still turbhe mumbai) having eaten much more than we’d anticipated, as usual 🙂 .. we decided to hit the road in the company of our friend oliver schories. 26th march 2019 : 11:45pm (Pune Expressway) In Spite of the heavy food and whatnot, we’ve managed to hit the Expressway now. this marks the first 50 km of our journey. 26th march 2019 : 11:57pm (Pune Expressway- Toll 1 ) a whole ten minutes later we’ve hit the first toll on the expressway. 27th march 2019 : 00:05am (Pune Expressway- Toll 1 ) albeit technically the next day, a whole 8 minutes later we’ve decided to take our next pitstop at the new food court en-route pune on the express way. this was a Starbucks / Bio Break. 27th march 2019 : 00:42am (Pune Expressway) by now we’ve managed to clear out of the expressway traffic and finally hit the expressway, it now feels like the expressway. 27th march 2019 : 01:09am (Pune Expressway- Toll 2) we are now at the talegaon exit toll and proceeding towards pune city. 27th march 2019 : 01:29am (Pune city) 20 minutes later we’ve managed to enter pune, and are driving towards god knows where 27th march 2019 : 02:00am (Pune city Exit toll 1) we have driven through pune and are on our exit toll towards solapur. 27th march 2019 : 02:35am (PitStop) three hours later and enroute solapur we’ve taken our second major pitstop. 200 kms done. 500 kms left 27th march 2019 : 02:45am (Solapur Highway) ten minutes later we’re back on the road and well on our way to solapur. 27th march 2019 : 03:05am (Solapur Highway Toll 1 ) We encounter our next toll not so much time later. 27th march 2019 : 03:15am (Solapur Highway ) I’ve never really seen this stretch of the highway before, nothing interesting as such, we’re just cruising along. 27th march 2019 : 04:05am (Solapur Highway ) 300kms done now, that leaves us with 400 to go. Hyderabad we’re coming 27th march 2019 : 04:30am (Solapur Highway PitStop) Who wants to see rabbits at 4:30​ in the morning, WE do 🙂 .. say hi to these guys.. i personally dont appreciate caging them, but at this hour there is not much else we can do, quick bio break and back on the road. 27th march 2019 : 05:30am (Solapur Highway ) Can we please stop calling this a Highway ? trust me this road doesn’t make sense paying any sort of a toll for. 27th march 2019 : 05:45am (Solapur Highway Toll 2) 15 minutes later there is another toll this one i guess was worth it, 27th march 2019 : 06:05am (Solapur Highway) the night is almost. over and we can see the sun coming up slowly but surely, it’s also cold obviously colder than bombay. 27th march 2019 : 06:30am (Solapur Highway – PitStop) we’ve been driving through the night now, and the sun is finally showing up, we’re tired now and getting a little cranky so i think its time to take a break. see some flowers. Trust me this road is also getting to us now. 27th march 2019 : 08:15am (Solapur Highway – Fuel PitStop) a while later later and after a really shitty patch of road i spot a Fuel Pump, its time to tank up and take a break. 27th march 2019 : 08:35am (Solapur Highway – Maharashtra Exit) half an hour later we’ve come to the state border, im assuming that we’ve managed to live through the worst patch of the highway, Onward to better roads i guess. 27th march 2019 : 10:55am (Breakfast Stop – AP ) it’s 11 am now almost but it feels like 3 in the afternoon, we’ve stopped to have breakfast, i dont know if i have pictures but the dosai and upma were heaven .. it honestly felt like lunch 🙂 remember that we should have been at our hotel by now according to google maps .. but then when you’re driving interstate in India always make sure you multiply time by 1.5 or 2. 27th march 2019 : 11:15am (AP – Toll ) 15 minutes later and after gobbling down lunch, sorry breakfast we’re back on the road. 27th march 2019 : 12:50pm (reaching our destination ) after a long drive and with the scorching heat above our heads, we’ve managed to cross the outskirts of Hyderabad and relieved that we’ve reached our hotel.

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Ultimate RoadTrips

Ultimate RoadTrips

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