GOA – Is A State Of Mind

I've lost count of the times I have been Here. But I have vivid memories of every single time I've been to Goa.
I’ve lost count of the times I have been Here.
But I have vivid memories of every single time I’ve been to Goa.
There are a shit tonne of videos here on YouTube including this one,
but not a single one will ever compensate actually being there.
This video is all about our drive back home.
I figured that it’d be nice to start right at the end simply because every thing after this will only get crazier.
We were at Siolim, which for all practical purposes is still on the North of Goa. And It Was Time to Say Bye.
As always, the first thing we did was look on Google Maps for the best route home.

Butterfly Beach Goa

And As usual there were 2 Routes that popped up.
Route Number 1. via NH 48 which was slightly longer but would get us home in 10 Hours and 41 Minutes
Route Number 2. via NH 66 which was slightly shorter but would get us home in 13 hours and 21 Minutes
Route 1 would take us Via Amboli, and Route 2 would be Via Chiplun, both these routes had their own pain points and are some thing you should totally rule out.
In short, it was time to tell google what to do instead of asking GOOGLE what to  do.
Our Route : Siolim – Bardez – Belgaum – Mumbai – 608 KMS in 11 Hours and 30 Minutes.
It was 11:30 now and we were on our way.
Siolim to Marna
Marna To Mapusa
Mapusa To Guirim
Guirim To Balbot
Balbot to Paliem
Paliem to Bastora
Bastora to Bardez
This was still a side of Goa that looked familiar.
Dozens of Restaurants, Churches, Restaurants & Wine Shops along the way.
It was 12:10 and we are now gearing up to get to our next Way Point, Bicholim
Now this is where things start getting exciting, One Turn and BOOM !
we are on a road which is just the width of our car and all we can see is greenery on either side.
15 minutes later, we are practically flying past houses, but the road shows no sign of getting any wider.
The narrow winding road is a pleasure to drive on, and this is a side of goa not too many of us are exposed to.
I feel like a World Rally Championship Driver in this car and on this road, the feeling is surreal.
A few bends later we are midway to Bicholim and are crossing the Calvim Bridge, it is marginally wider and the road but the view from this bridge is outstanding.
we’ve crossed the bridge and im back into Rally Mode, the road just keeps getting better. Period.
ten minutes later we are at this place called Maem and out of no where there is a railway crossing.
It is 1:30 Now and we’ve made it to bicholim.
Remember that fuel is atleast 10% cheaper in GOA, so we’ve tanked up.
And the best part of this trip is just coming up.
Our next major way point is Belgaum in karnataka we are 80 kilometers and 2 hours away.
the road we are on is in goa still but is sandwiched between Maharashtra & Karnataka.
the Karnataka state border is 35 Kms from here and one of the most scenic roads in the country.
The SH4 – is on the fringe of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and passes through the Anjunem Dam.
The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is a 208.5-km2 (80.5-mi2protected area in the Indian state of Goa in the Western Ghats
The Mhadei region lies along the Vagheri hills which means “abode of tiger”.
The Mhadei River, known downstream as the Mandovi River, the lifeline of the state of Goa, originates in Karnataka, travels28.8 km (17.9 mi) in Karnataka, passes 9.4 km (5.8 mi) through the Mahdei Wildlife Sanctuary and meets the Arabian Sea at Panaji after traveling 81.2 km (50.5 mi) in Goa.
We were in Belgaum by 4:30.
It was past lunch time for sure, but we intentionally kept our stomachs empty.
We got lunch at a restaurant on the way and as planned we did not encounter too much traffic. We were on the Bangalore Bombay highway a little past 5pm.
The next major way point for us was Kohlapur. 110 kilometers and 2 hours to go.
This highway until Maharashtra starts is a piece of art. We were averaging a constant 150kms per hour. By the look of it we would get to Kolhapur quicker than expected.
It is 6pm now , Half an hour and 50 Kms later we were passing by the outskirts of the Hidkal Reservoir ..if you are passing this stretch when the sun hasn’t gone down yet .. it is completely worth checking out
Raja Lakhamagouda dam, also known as Hidkal dam, is a dam constructed across the Ghataprabha River in the Krishna River basin. It is situated at Hidkal village in Hukkeri Taluk of Belagavi district in North KarnatakaIndia.
The dam with the height of 62.48 metres and 10 Vertical Crest Gates, impounds a large reservoir with a gross surface area of 63.38 Square kilometres, and storage capacity of 51.16 Tmcft.
There is a high chance that you can mistake the Bangalore Bombay Highway for a Runway, it is smooth as fuck. We got to the Hattargi Toll just before Nipani in 20 minutes. Kolhapur is 70 odd kilometers from here and at this pace we would be there we ahead of the eta maps was showing us.
we covered the next 50 Kilometers in 25 minutes, it was almost as if this were a video game.
The First toll gate in Maharashtra is at Kognoli. we pulled over and got some chai. Kohlapur is 30 minutes away now and we have entered Maharashtra.
It was 7:15 by the time we got to the next toll, this was at the start of Kohlapur. It had become dark by this time.
Satara was our next way point. it was 116 kilometres from this point and 2 hours away.
Fortunately the road wasnt as bad as we had expected and by 8:15 Pm we were closing in on Satara.
But like always we got stuck in traffic in the most un expected place. it was 9:30 by the time we entered Satara.
Our Next Way point was Pune. the toll at he outskirts of pune is 70 Kilometeres from this point and 1 hour away.
by 10 in the night we were on the Satara Ghat Section, which by the way is a breeze to drive through.
40 minutes later we have made it to the Toll Gate which was at the Outskirts of Pune.
We made a quick stop at Pune to drop Atul off. And were back on the road in no time.
We were on the Express Way by 11:40.
The next stop, we had decided would be the Food Court on the Mumbai Pune Express Way.
I cant be certain about the reason, but there was some thing about the way my s-cross was flying today.
we were at the food court in Khopoli in less than an hour.
With out wasting too much time, we got our selves a meal at McDonalds and were back on the road in 15 minutes.
It was 1 Am when we had come to the end of the express way.
I do not usually take the Palm Beach Road, but on this occasion we chose to via Palm beach.
This was a wise decision. we saved a good 20 minutes of drive time.
We had reached the start of JVLR via the eastern express highway by 1:45.
I do not think either of us really bothered to get our leg off the pedal, and were continuing to fly.
We touched the western express Highway in the next 20 minutes or so.
And i was home by 2:15. after the 2000 Plus KM’s we’d done in the last 3 days, the only thing we desperately needed was a bed.
This was the end of yet another crazy ass Road Trip for us.
But this only just the beginning of this adventure for all you folks.
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