GOA – From North to South

For those of you who've been following our journey's you would know by now that we are doing something we do not normally do.
For those of you who’ve been following our journey’s you would know by now that we are doing something we do not normally do.
And for those of you who have just started watching, there is no need to worry..
all you’ve got to do is hit the subscribe button below to keep up with all the fun.
Today we’re going to take a look at what we did one day before we were going to head back home.
With madness truly at its peak, we are headed to Palolem in south Goa from where we were at in Siolim.
Palolem is a little under a 100Km from siolim, and has a reputation of being one of the best beaches in the world.
Any ways before we can actually begin, here is a quick question ..
would you prefer riding around Goa on a Bike or Would you rather Drive around in the comfort of your car..
leave us your answers down below in the comments section .. and one of you will have the chance to get a special little some thing from us here are Ultimate road trips.
Ok lets get back to business now
it is 10 AM now and we’ve left our Villa at Siolim. We are all charged up and really excited about palolem.
but then we are equally hungry and desperately need something to get into our tummies.
We decide to make a halt at candolim,
17 kilometers and 45 Minutes later we are at Villa Sol Areia.
The menu is pretty interesting actually..
but we did not bother reading up too much..
Mukul any Myself went with the Standard English Breakfast.
Atul obviously had to do some thing different .. so he got him self some
puri bhaji.
The food got to us Surprisingly quickly..
Atul had made a wise decision.. his puri bhaji was the first to get to our table and i wasted no time in taking the first bite 🙂
our english breakfast got in a little after.. and it was over in no time.
After polishing off some nice tasting and even better looking breakfast it was time to carry on.
We are 80 Kms from palolem beach and the drive time is a little over 2 hours.
we are soon out of candolim..
I feel like i am a stuffed turkey ready to be served on ThanksGiving.
But some people in the car make the effort to correct me..
Just to be fair, i rephrase — “I Stuffed My Self Up Like A PIG at Breakfast”
The one thing i like about driving through Goa roads is the fact that there is greenery on both sides.
And also the fact that these roads are winding and really fun to drive on.
10 minutes later we were passing the Nerul Bridge.. for all you Bombay Folks .. Yes There is also a Nerul in Goa and it is very different from the one you know.
I was driving and this was entertaining enough to keep me wide awake after all the food that had gone into me.
Mukul was equally entertained and kept himself occupied by sticking his neck out of the window and making some really good footage possible..
as for Atul .. he was in a different zone all together.
We’ve done 30 Kms now and are crossing the Zuari River. Palolem is around 50 Kms from here and the drive time is around 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Like I Said, Atul was in a different Zone..
he was in the PASS Out ZONE.
We were zipping past this bridge and he was busy snoring away to glory.
i kept looking into the dash cam to now and then, looking at the way he had passed out was just funny.
We were almost out of North Goa now and were crossing over to the Central Part of the state.
It was difficult, but i had to keep my eyes on the road.
some time later there was a crazy stretch of road and once again we were back to Rally Mode.
sadly this wasn’t a long stretch.
We were Half way to Palolem now and were a Margao. Palolem is 40 Kms from here and around an hour away.
Not like i was any where close to as sleepy as some people in this car, but it was time to play passenger for some time.
Mukul took over from me a little ahead of Margao, it was more like i got tricked into giving up the drivers seat.
we took a pee break and a little before i could get back into the car i saw that he had taken over.
20 minutes later we’ve crossed central goa and are at the start of South Goa.
Palolem is 30  miniutes and 20  Km away now.
This stretch of road is brilliant. I was fuming with Jealousy only because i wasn’t the one driving.
but what the fuck .. i could focus on getting some crazy footage of this very epic stretch of road.
Also we had covered 10 Km in ten minutes, Pretty much what i would have done if i was driving .. so no complaints there.
We were now entering Palolem, I personally had mixed feelings here, Majority of which were filled with Nostalgia.
The last time i was here was almost a decade back, and memories of my last trip were flooding my mind as we entered.
Finally we were here. I was letting the feeling sink in.
we parked the car close to the beach and headed out.
All of us had different priorities and wanted to do different things.
Mukul – wanted to part take in Water Sports ..
Atul – Hated the Water and Wanted to do any thing but that
I – wanted to check out the shack that i had stayed in the last time i was here.
Finally we were at the entrance of the beach.
it was 2:30 in the afternoon now and the Sun was Up, all our priorities were no longer a priority.. the waves had a mystifying effect and before we could realise anything we were walking towards the water like a bunch of zombies..
after all we were In one of the best beaches in the world.
For all of you who haven’t been to Palolem
here are the 2 things you should know about this place.
1. Palolem is Famous for its proximity to a few Beach Islands.
2. Palolem is equally famous because it is home to Dolphins.
As we were nearing the water, we realised that we were being followed by MR. Ram.
Mr. Ram now had the opportunity to sell us a unique experience..
and This is what he had to say.
We had sealed the deal now, and had an hour at hand. Mr. Ram would call us once the boat was ready.
So we set off in the direction of the Shacks, there weren’t too many of them.
So Sliver Star was the one that looked most promising from the options at hand…
and it was definitely not the one i was talking about, i doubt the shack i came to 10 years back even exists.
Ok it was time for some much needed and chilled Beer.
Beer and Fires that is what we were living for.
We also took this opportunity to try and charge our devices.
the view of the beach in the afternoon from this shack was epic.
we could have been there all day.
an hour later we got a call from Mr. Ram. The guy in the orange shirt.
We quickly unplugged our gadgets, cleared the bill and were on our way.
We were excited and got to the point where we were told to meet our friend in the orange shirt.
We then followed him to the point where the boat was docked.
Full credit to the branding elements that adorned the boat. The guys at FC Goa I believe have got their money’s worth.
it doesnt matter now if they win or loose this season.
While all of this may be enough for them, this wooden contraption wasnt exactly giving us a warm fuzzy feeling to begin with.
its not like we were expecting a cruise liner, but the 10 other people who were to get on this thing only added to our insecurities.
We are the type of people who find it difficult to float in a 4 feet deep swimming pool, and getting on to this boat was a hurdle that took a decent amount of balls to cross.
we managed to get on to the boat and some how, each man to his own now..
each of us made a dash for the bright orangish fluorescent life vest  that we saw stacked up at the front of the boat.
it did not matter if there were any left for the others, we had to have ours FIRST.
Atul insisted that he would cling on to a pole even after he had a life vest on, and while he was at it , he was scheming ways to procure another life vest as well.
any way, all of us were in and on our seats or what ever you call them, and the engines fired up.
in no time we were cutting through the waves and off in the direction of the multiple islands that we were to see.
10 minutes later our fears were under control, this boat was a machine to be respected,
the engine here reminded me of an RX 100 on full throttle and the guys making this thing move were clearly very much in control..
we were on the boat for half an hour now, and every thing was normal in our heads by this time.
it was really fun, the blueish green waters and the sights of islands at a distance were enchanting.
we were busy making videos and cracking jokes for the most part.
At some point after this we heard some one say the Magic word DOLPHIN… and soon after the engines had gone silent.
the boat was just floating about and suddenly the Islands were no longer a priority for any one on the boat.
we continued coasting around aimlessly with 3 other boats, either we were blind or there was no dolphin..
so after 15 – 20 minutes of nothingness we urged the guys manning the boat to now take us to the islands that were up ahead.
Butterfly Beach Goa
Butterfly Beach Goa
10 minutes later we were approaching the Butterfly Island, which is the most famous of them all, we did want to get on to the beach there but apparently we had run in to Tide related issues, so it wouldnt be possible for us to halt there and get off..
we had to be content with a view of the beach from a distance, and very much from inside the boat that we were in.
we did see some people who were at the island and foolishly waved out to them from the boat…
we then headed back in the direction of the main palolem beach, but much to our amusement and as promised we stopped off at an extension of the beach which couldn’t have been accessed by foot or road. we got of there.
Once we got off the boat, the drone was out in a matter of seconds.
What you are about to see now is pristine and made the boat trip completely worth the effort.
It was 5 :30 now and we were done with the boat ride, no regrets what so ever.
so what if we couldn’t see dolphins… will go back home and youtube them or watch some discovery channel.
We are back to palolem, and normally i would have called it a day.. but then we had to do some touristy stuff.
we were in goa and my homies had to buy some junk from the market.
so we entered this clothes shop first and i basically stood around making a video of mukul buying stuff for his kid.
I am glad that that this was a guys only trip .. and we were out in 15 minutes.
Primarily because we had way more important stuff to do.
The Baskin Robbins next door was calling us. And we were there soon.
I know what I am going to have and I really stick to only a couple of flavours .. is that how you guys are as well ?
Ok so if you guess this flavour right .. one of you lucky people will have something coming your way ..
Leave your answers in the comments section..
Now that we were done with the most important part of the day .. we were headed back to Siolim.
I’ve heard of November rains.. but it was pouring like a Bitch in October … We had to be really careful while driving back.
This time it was me and Atul who did most of the driving while  Mukul had made a bed for him self at the back of the car.
Rains meant a significant delay in getting back.. but we were in no hurry.
We were had only covered 1/4th the distance and Panjim was still 40kms away .. thankfully the rains had died down by now.
But we had lighting and thunder to give us company. Rains in Goa are a different experience all together, one that you do not want to forget.
We were tired, but dinner was a must. Dinner was essential for us to complete the experience.
So we decided that we’d stop at calangute,  which is enroute Siolim.
I was tired too and atul finally had his shot at the wheel. earlier on in the day Mukul and Myself had told him that he would need to atleast click 20 pictures from his camera if he was to get a chance to drive.
he did click 20 pictures but the height of his laziness is un parallel. all the 20 pictures were from the same place and at the same time.
any way he got to drive because we were tired as fuck..
it was 9:00 by the time we got to candolim, and it looks really beautiful and alive at this hour because of all the shops and restaurants.
we made it to calangute by 9:15, i cant quite remember the name of this place.
all i know is that parking here was a nightmare.. never the less i managed to park the car somehow.
we got off and it was time for chicken dinner.
i am going to leave you guys with an image of the remains of what we had for dinner.
Until Next Time Around This is me saying Good Bye.
Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more crazy stuff from Ultimate Road Trips.
Let me know if you liked what you saw. leave your comments down below in the comments section ..
and most importantly Do go ahead and subscribe to our channel if you havent already.
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  • Posted August 24, 2019
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    Hi Laverne go to Thivum station near Mapusa and travel south through the following stations: Karmali, Verna, Majorda, Suravli and then get off at Margao and then get a taxi from there as we did. I believe you can go furher south on the train to Canacona but those trains are seldom and are late in the evening? Someone with more knowledge of this may have accurate info. It cost appox 120 rps return and we booked the day before for the 9.30 am train which actually arrived at 10.15 and took an hour.

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    Hello. I have checked your ultimateroadtrips.in and i see you’ve got some
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    There is a tool that rewrites content like human, just search in google: miftolo’s tools

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